Training Services

Learning Operations Strategy

Whatever your need, first step is to develop a plan to deliver your vision

Based on  extensive experience in the Technology Training industry, develop a targeted roadmap for delivering more efficient and effective learning operations. This would typically include:

  • Current state analysis and desired outcome
  • Business case development
  • Best practices and outsourcing optimisation

Digital Learning Platform/LMS

  • Recommendations provided for most appropriate online training resources to meet your needs. 
  • Migration of existing content on to an online platform to create multiple structured Learning paths for different audiences
  • Creation of  additional content as needed
  • Guidance on how to use the analytics capabilities of these platforms to make more informed decisions on where to focus your resources for content creation
  • Structured approach to leverage employee expertise to provide continuous enhancements to your training capabilities.

Workforce Blended Learning

Online Learning provides the opportunity to deliver continuous enhancements to the training available as your product evolves, but is usually not sufficient on its own. Using relationships with key Training Partners, the complete solution can also offer cloud based access to lab time instead of large investments in dedicated training labs, and can be complemented with Instructor lead training for more intensive and personalised training where required.

Sales Team Learning

 You can’t afford to risk under-performance of your sales channels due to insufficient training, poor access to knowledge assets or too little collaboration among your teams. Selling Cloud solutions are often very different to the traditional sales model and requires a different approach.